07/10/2015 08:00

A guided tour with a sexologist Radim Uzel through the exhibition "Sensual Lines/ Erotic themes of Art Nouveau and Symbolism" 

When: sunday 10/11/2015, 3:00 PM. Length: 60 min. Price: gratis + valid ticket. Place: ticket office of Wortner House, České Budějovice





Aleš South Bohemian Gallery manages one of the most complete collections of medieval art in the Czech Republic. It contains more than 150 pieces of panel painting and sculptures, created between the years 1275 and 1530. The collection is an evidence of high level of czech medieval art from South and South-west Bohemia. Originally sacral works were percieved as the main factor of Christian devotion, which will lead the faithful to the salvation. High artistic level demonstrates the panel painting of the Madonna between st. Catherine and st. Margaret (1350 - 1360), which is associated with the work of the Master of the Vyšebrod, the most important anonymous author of the reign of Charles IV. The clients were mostly the Church and the nobility, and, since the 15th century, even the wealthier cities. Ambitious ideas of urban and aristocratic patronage, with the presence of workshops, gave rise to a unique form of late Gothic art in South and South-west Bohemia. Remarkable monument of this period is the sculpture of the Holy Trinity from České Budějovice (1515 - 1520). It is a work of the Master of Mourning from Žebrák. Part of the collection is exposed in the permanent exhibition in Hluboká nad Vltavou, whose importance is submitted by representation on major exhibition projects Charles IV, The Emperor by the Grace of God, or Europa Jagellonica.