Museum of ceramics

The International museum of ceramics, branch of Aleš South Bohemian Gallery in Hluboká nad Vltavou, was created in connection with the International Symposium on Ceramics. Thanks to the activity of the second director of AJG, Břetislav Lauda, city government of Bechyně, ceramic school and Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, the idea of foundation of the museum appeared in the middle of 1950's. Ten years later, a few farm building were adapted for this purpose. The castle brewery is used this way till today. The reconstruction was carried out by SÚPROMO Prague in the brutalist trend with the use of exposed concrete, building additions and quality materials: slate, clay ceramic tiles and solid wood.

The museum was founded as a collection of unique results of the International Symposium on Ceramics, first organized in 1966 by Lubomír Těhník and Václav Šerák. Nowadays, it's the longest continually functioning symposium on the European continent.