app lied arts

International museum of ceramics/ Bechyně

6/5/2016 - 10/2/2016


Student Art Creation is largely genuine and novel. That is because of the willingness to experiment with the material and the idea.  Simultaneously, we can witness a stubbornness and desire to do everything single-handedly. But in that moment comes the pedagogue, who brings in the best artistic experience, saves his students‘ time and improves their skills. At the beginning of the artistic progression must be a workmanship, which will be used in the future life. Even the painter, who pursues abstraction, must absorb the features of the realistic expression and vindicate them.

A handicraft is the keyword of the presentation of three schools of applied arts. Maybe, someone would replace this term with another, like art activity, creation or creativity. Nevertheless, if a person wants to pursue his favourite  discipline, first he must get to know the used material and medium.

Our society puts us in front of the ideal of the right modern aesthetic sensibility. But the school should not support the main stream. The aim of the new creative generation would be the effort to break these tendencies and to express emotions progressively. For this purpose, a handicraft is the best medium.

We wish the visitors a pleasant visual experience. Let the exhibited works be an inspiration and an impetus for those, who lost their courage to get dirty and release the emotions.