Pasta Oner

09/06/2019 - 06/10/2019 / open daily 9:00 a. m. - 6:00 p. m.

vernissage: 08/06/2019 / 5 p. m.

Castle riding school, Hluboká nad Vltavou 144


This exhibition is focused primarily on Pasta Oner´s paintings and objects still not presented for public view as they quickly found their way to private collections. The individual works of art on show are intrinsically interrelated and as a whole presented within a single space. Such presentation highlights the author´s abiding interest in associating the sacral with the profane, the commonplace with the supranatural. These contrasts are then accompanied by occasional elements of sarcasm and irony or by allusions to adoring consumerism and secularizing spirituality. 

The exposition is arranged to develop a dynamic stream of crossed visual clues. Both entrances to the long nave of the Castle Riding School Hall lead the visitor to a centrally positioned elevated platform covered by a red carpet and carrying a cross as a reminder of Christ´s ascent to Golgotha. The beams of the cross support illuminated words "Open" and "Welcome", encountered most often above shops of Vietnamese traders, but also frequently used to arouse enthusiasm in believers. To empathize dramatic contrast by mixing the sacred with the mundane, the platform is adorned with two paintings hung against each other - the Last Supper (2018) and the Madonna della Scala (2017). One side wall of the Hall´s nave carries a raw neon-light installation of Street Cellural (2016), referring to the author´s long-standing interest in street furniture, while the other serves to present the Pac-Man painting (2018) inspired chiefly by a 1980s computer game. Positioned against the hall entrance, there is the largest, conspicuously symmetrical painting titled Bulls and Gold (2017), critically reflecting the volatile values of contemporary world. Paintings on the walls are fraught with irony and multipronged insinuations aimed at a variety of social strata.


Pasta Oner´s art is now a merger of stimuli from the visual world of today and from his lifelong interest in older forms of art, particularly Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo painting. These stimuli are amalgamated typically through cartoons and advertisements dating back to the 1950s and 60s. Selecting exhibits for the event, the author chose to put on view also paintings named Hunting (2018) and Jazz (2018) commissioned by the Kolowrat-Krakowsky noble family. Benefiting from condensed form, the paintings depict some watershed moments of the family history unfolded during the previous century (e.g. the person driving a car in the Hunting painting is Alexander Joseph count Kolowrat-Krakowsky nicknamed Sascha, an important car racer. Pasta Oner made the painting of the count in a car designed for him by Ferdinand Porsche) and are complemented by the family crest and the Diana Hunting Lodge next to Přimda in Western Bohemia that was returned to the family in 1992 through the process of restitution.

Pasta Oner (born 28 December 1979 in Trenčín) is a distinct personality of contemporary art for the new millennium, whose solo exhibitions invariably attract considerable attention. Resembling no one, the artist is rooted in the graffiti and street-art community, and just like many of his soul mates he swapped the open air for closed objects and closed paintings. His approach sets him apart from all that can be currently encountered in Czech art.

The general public has a chance to see Pasta Oner´s outdoor works every day, most prominently in Prague (for example a wall painting in the Vítězné náměstí square in Prague-Dejvice /2012/ and a fence painting at the Sparta Stadium on Letná /2015/). The author´s sights are still set on street furniture, through the surface of which he penetrates to disclose its inner structure. Oner´s artistic procedures have developed into straightforward, economical and immediately comprehensible statements coming from a staccato of overlapping images that the author slows down and dwells on them, as if a fast moving strip of film turned into a sequence of slides linking a range of subjects: advertisements, various banners, lingering religious imagery, secret symbols, references to the cult of body, the power of money...

At present, the author has stepped up his critical attitude to the world and, while remaining detached, he has created an array of movie heroes and real-life characters that can be perceived from different angles (Al Capone, 2017, Don Corleone, 2017, Pablo Escobar, 2017, Tony Montana, 2017). The artistic stance of Pasta Oner could be designated (to overstate the case just a little bit) as post-post-pop, a style in itself conspicuously critical of the current consumerist society, of a range of religions and still persisting ideologies.

Solo exhibitions since 2011: Peep show, The Chemistry gallery, Praha (2011), Man on Fire, Chemistry gallery Praha (2013). Racall, Galerie výtvarného umění v Chebu (2013), Last day in Paradise (Mánes, Praha, 2015) Art is truth ( DSC Gallery, Praha 2017).  


Pavel Kubesa - curator