Shadows of Life/ Josef Bartuška and photography of 30s and 40s of the 20th century

4/15 - 6/26/2016 / Wortner house AJG, České Budějovice


Josef Bartuška belongs to the most significant artists of the south bohemian group Linie, together with Karel Fleischman, Richard Lander, Oldřich Nouza, Ada Novák, Emil Pitter and Karel Valter. The most agile member of this avant-garde society was, with his rennaisance-like skill, Bartuška. Togerther with Oldřich Nouza, he publicated a manifest Poetry of imaginary space, which characterizes his work. Soon he started to experiment with photograms and collages, inspirated by Man Ray and LázsloMoholy-Nagy. His second artistic theme is presented by peotism of South Bohemia. The 30s gave rise to today famous cycles Shadowplays and Traces, which belong to the most interesting avant-garde works of 30s of the 20th century.

Josef Bartuška was born in 1898 in Týn nad Vltavou. As a teacher, he worked his whole life at many schools in South Bohemia. As a director of the Rudolfov school died after a serious disease in 1963.