tereza from davle / neue mädchen
23/10 2017 to 11/02 2018; daily 09:00 to 18:00
vernissage: 22/10 2017; 15:00
castle riding school, hluboká nad vltavou 144

Though the first shots from this new series of voluptuous black-and-white photographs were snapped as early as 2012, the core of the entire cycle has taken shape only this year. The use of the German language and the somewhat provocative title of the exhibition indicate that the event has close ties with the Sudetenland of South Bohemia, particularly the vicinity of Český Krumlov, the current home region of the author. This is also where most of the photographed girls come from. They are typically women from the author's neighborhood, but working on this project Tereza chose to engage for the first time also professional models. Moreover, the Neue Mädchen title testifies to her lingering loyalty to the topic of women, to her authorial perception and also to the analog-created and manually-enlarged photographs on baryta paper that have been attracting attention to her work for no less than two decades. With this in mind, we will understand why the exhibition covers (apart from the new project itself) also an informal retrospective section on works by this one of the most outstanding Czech glamour photographers of today, a section where the visitors may examine the best known and appreciated photographs handpicked by Tereza herself. Comparison will show us that the new pictures, now newly characterized by the sparing use of make-up and by greater, almost movie-like emphasis on the story, have lost nothing of their nature and sex-appeal. 
The Aleš South Bohemian Gallery at Hluboká presents the Tereza from Davle / Neue Mädchen exhibition in the premiere.
Radek Wohlmuth, curator