Intersurveys/ Collection of AJG 1300 - 2018

Castle Riding School AJG, Hluboká nad Vltavou


The new season of 2016 brings us several new exhibition projects, and one of them is the new permanent exhibition in the premises of Castle riding school in Hluboká nad Vltavou.

The permanent exhibition, called simply "Collection of AJG 1300 - 2016" presents a known collection of mediaval art together with modern art of 20. century, which used to be rarely seen. The exhibition is to be regularly restructured. The visitors may behold the works of Bohumil Kubišta, Otto Gutfreund, Toyen, Josef Šíma, Hana Wichterlová, Bedřich Stefan, Kamil Lhoták, Zdeněk Sýkora, Václav Boštík, Mikuláš Medek, Robert Piesen and others.

Once a year, the exhibition shall welcome some czech or foreign artists - the cycle was started by Patrik Hábl, who, in a cooperation with an architect of the exhibition, created a dignified framework of the significant statue - Christ of the Sepulcher from České Budějovice. 

Martin Vaněk, ex-curator of AJG, together with his colleague Hynek Látal, spent two years of doing researches, and mapping the pieces in AJG collection. During the time, they indicated the possible ways of making the new permanent exhibition. They renew the original exhibition, or started the Piece of the Year cycle, where they presented the pieces of gothic art from the collection of the National Gallery. 

The time of the flagship acquisition of modern and post-war art occured in 60s of the 20th century, during the career of the curator Věra Linhartová, the significant czech art historician, who's lived in Paris since 1968. In 1965, she made a breahthrough exhibition in AJG called "South Bohemian late gothic art 1450 - 1530". Since, her successors have been stronhly influenced by this 'golden era of AJG'.

For many visitors, the connection between old gothic art ane new modern art will be something new and unprecedented. The key of connection in not only a formal kinship, but a deep semantic context.

The goal is not only to show the visitors the old and famous pieces of art, but also the ones from the recent past. Authors of the exhibition want say, that it is not about its age and historical position, but about the context of its creation, visual impressivness and content.