alšovka advent 2019
opening exhibitions: Karel Teige 9.11.2019
balloon Kamil Lhoták 2019
opening of the AJG Sparta building 2.10.2019
opening exhibitions: Dúbravský & Štenclová 11.9.2019
opening exhibitions: Vladimír Novák + Petra Švecová a Radka Bodzevič Doubravová 27.6.2019
exhibition Kamil Lhoták 06-2019
opening exhibition Pasta Oner 8.6.2019
AnimaCZe after 89 9.5.2019
travelfest 2019
opening exhibition Martin Krajc 13.4.2019
opening exhibitions Velíšek and Thay say that the new wave is dead 11.4.2019
opening exhibitions Intersurveys 1300-2019 & Alois Kohout 23.3.2019

opening exhibitions Bigoš & Stejskalová 17.1.2019
Alšovka advent 1.12.2018
opening exhibition Jana Farmanova / What remains?
The Musical Summer 2018
Ozvěny Anifilmu 2018
commented tour Landscape Paint by Kooperative 11.9.2018

accompanying program: live exhibition 28.8.2018
No Name concert 25.7.2018 

 opening exhibition: Living together / Czech collective houses 19.7.2018
opening exhibitions: Teodor Buzu / Watercolor holidays & Ladislav Hodný / The Pictures 28.6.2018
opening exhibitions: Petra Křivová - Pešková / The Cross Way & Symposium ceramics / 1966-2012 21.6.2018
opening exhibition: Alšova country 21.6.2018
opening exhibition: František Kupka / Man and Earth 9.6.2018
opening exhibition a man is a man to another man 26.4.2018
opening exhibition Sexies! and Sand in the Hours 18.1.2018
art workshop for the exhibition "Snake Man and Dancer" 13.1.2018
alšovka advent 23.12.2017
alšovka advent 16.12.2017

alšovka advent 9.12.2017
alšovka advent 2.12.2017
vernissage Snake man and dancer 10.11.2017
opening of the exhibition Tereza of Davle / Neue Mädchen 23.10.2017
Open Puppet Days 2017
accompanying program: The war is going through the stomach 23.9.2017

City Camp 2017

events for schools: World War I through the eyes of AJG
Guided tour: Victor Vasarely 1.9.2017

Echoes of Anifilm (25. 7., 1. 8., 8. 8., 15. 8.)

Cycling trip Podšumavan 15.7.2017

Vernissage: Victor Vasarely 24.6.2017

Accompanying program: War Posters 10.6.2017

Vernissage: In the footsteps of the Czech First Revolution. Architects and Small Reminder / J. and O. Vajce - Bechyně 3.6.2017

Guided tours: Impressionism and Intersurvey 27.5.2017

Gallery Night 2017 26.5.2017

Commented tour Impressionism 20.5.2017

Vernisage: War Posters 1914-1918 / Weapon of Colors and Paper 13.5.2017

Vernissage: Anifilm 2.5.2017

Vernissage: Alén Diviš and Error 22.4.2017

Vernissage: Alšova country / Art project for schools 28.3.2017

Action: A hundred years with Miloslav Troupe 25.3.2017

Vernissage: Impressionism! And Intersections 18.3.2017

Action: Contemporary Art and Sacral Space 4.3.2017

Action: a hundred years with Miloslav Troupe 24.2.2017

Under the surface 18.2.2017

Vernissage: Feigl, Troup and Kubeš 26.1.2017

Action: farewell to Pinkas 22.1.2017

Action: Experience the Magic of Fragility on Your Own Hand

Commented tour of H.S.Pinkas with curator Kristýna Brožová 14.1.2017

Chateau advent 18.12.2016

Chateau advent 11.12.2016

Commented tour of Hippolyt Sobeslav Pinkas / Realism of Czech Parisian with Kristýna Brožová

Christmas at Pinkas 9.12.2016

Commented tour "Intersections" with Miroslav Růžička 4.12.2016

Chateau Advent 4.12.2016

Chateau advent 27.11.2016

PechaKucha Night 17.11.2016
Vernissage Patrik Hábl / In architecture of painting (extension of exhibition) 12.11.2016
Vernissage Patrik Hábl / In the Architecture of Painting 22.10.2016
Vernissage Hippolyt Sobeslav Pinkas (1827-1901) / Realism of the Czech Parisian 13.10.2016
Verni The spell of brittleness 13.10.2016
Vernissage jaromír 99, 25.6.2016
Vernissage tea um prum 4.6.2016
Gallery night 3.6.2016
Photographic afternoon 15.5.2016
Vernissage beauty will be cramped / surrealism in Czechoslovakia 1933-1939, May 14, 2016
An informal meeting: a little bit of a thing, and things are slowly getting ahead

Vernissage: painful melancholy and a collection of Eva Petr

Vernissage: the story of Alsova's South Bohemian Gallery, gallery of the pack

Lecture of Lilly Bartley: Fine Arts and Hussitism 1380 - 1490

Vernissage: landscape of the soul, hollar et alii, inner life of paper birds

The director's sensual line

A sensual Sunday: Who kissed you so dark hair?

Sensual Sunday: codes of seduction, the woman of my dreams

Tour with Radim Uzel

Gallery night 21.11.2015

Vernissage Hollar / Baroque Graphics 12.11.2015

Vernissage Studio Openings 2.10.2015

Baptism of the book Far Nearby 22.9.2015

Painting symposium 31.7.2015

Vernissage Jan Saudek 30.5.2015

Gallery night 29.5.2015

Vernissage MUSA 23.5.2015

Vernissage Skerpl and Ther 12.2.2015

Vernissage Preclík 5.2.2015

Psychedelia vernissage in visual culture of the beat age 1962 - 72

Vernissage Has the post already arrived?

The opening of Vladimír Skrepl and Marek Thera

Commemorated tour of the exhibition: from hunger to beauty (the fictitious version of the stopper collection at the beginning of the 21st century)

The opening of Mary and Zdeněk Preclík - Between Dream and Reality

Vernissage Michal Kříž - liberation of the norm

Vernissage Michal Singer / Concealed underground star

Vernissage Paintings of enlightenment / Tibetan art in Czech collections

The opening of Dimitrij Kadrnozka

The opening of K. as the Kafka

The opening of Mucha 2014

Intersalon 2014 opening

Vernissage Pavel Nešleha - Sediments of memory